Peek down Nurse Millie Fenton’s blouse while having an examination at the Doc’s

You’re feeling a bit poorly today so head off to the Doctors to get a check up but you end up getting something else up. The nurse that’s on today is Millie Fenton – gorgeous young blonde with fantastic tits who lives on the estate. You can’t believe your luck because she’s about to give you a check over and you’ve heard that she’s a bit of a prick tease. She can tell you’re a bit nervous and she thinks the best way to relax you is to tease you. You see that she isn’t even wearing a bra under her uniform which confirms the rumors about her are true – she really does like to be naughty at work.

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Slowly Millie unfastens her uniform and lets her natural boobs fall out, encouraging you to get your cock out have a good wank for her. She knows that you’ll feel much better afterwards. and so will she. She opens up her stocking clad legs and starts to rub on her shaved pussy – the finest pussy you’ve ever seen – all wet and slippery.

While you wait to be called in to see the Doctor you and Milly both enjoy a quick wank, watching each other intently as you each take it in turns to cum.

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