Notorious selfie shotter doing her webcam escapade

Women across the world are obsessed with their camera phones, their webcam cameras and everything else that has to do with the “all seeing eye”. It appeals to their vanity and that’s the reason probably they are so obsessed with these cameras. There is nothing better than a lass who is hella horny, who is playing with herself and at the same time, she’s typing on her phone. Sooner or later, you know that she’s gonna take one selfie, or two that are gonna go viral as soon as she records them. At, you get all of these pics in one place and then some.

Combining the two worlds, webcam and selfie, kind of makes natural sense. These babes are craving for attention. It is all on camera and they are looking smoking hot as they are performing for the camera. Now, the difference is that a webcam performer does this for stone cold cash, it’s a job, a source of income while on the other side, babes taking selfies all day long do it all – for free. We don’t actually care about who’s doing what, as long as they are providing amazing sexy pics, we at are pleased. Webcam is a grown-up sport anyway. Taking selfies is something teens do, but when they take pics of themselves getting plowed by their boyfriends or when they take a pic of themselves masturbating, there’s something intimate and raw about it. Check out the site and let us know if we were right.

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