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Tila Tequila is an American model and a social media personality. Tila started getting her fame when she became the most popular user on Myspace. Bisexual celebrity took part in filming two seasons of MTV dating show “A Shot at Love”. It was quite a success. Famous magazines (which specialized on kind of “hot” content), Maxim and Penthouse, published her photos.

While being a scandalous model, Tequila started her career as a recording artist. First she started in the bands Jealousy and Beyond Betty Jean, and then recorded her solo “I love U”. In 2007, the song was released despite to quite mixed reviews. Tila’s first song failed to get to any charts.

Tila Tequila is known for her scandalous way of life. She was never afraid to show her character and her body in quite private scenes. That is why Tila intentionally released her first sex tape in 2010. It was followed by two more leaked (this time really leaked) sex videos in 2013 and 2014.

The battle for Tila’s sex tapes

It’s a funny fact that two porn companies wanted to get her sex tape at the same time. Vivid entertaiment and widely known PornHub tried to get legal rights to publish Tila Tequila sex tape. We know that the first sex tape was “leaked” by Vivid (due to legal copyright), but then published by PornHub.

As for other sex tapes, Tila said: “If anyone out there is trying to leak a private and personal sex tape of me that was not meant for the public, I will swiftly deal with my lawyers!”. Not the star is not so intentional about showing her sex tapes on public. The only question is “What really changed?”. Well, maybe she became popular and now wants everyone to forget about this “leak”. But it is not how things work on the Internet. If you started the wheel, you gotta watch it spinning. Let’s see how successful Tila was in stopping

The star doesn’t want her sex tapes to be released again

Now it looks like Tila Tequila has found a new way how to keep being famous and popular. In 2010, for example, the celebrity sought an order to stop releasing of one more sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, which had been recorded 7 years ago. Unfortunately for the star, the judge dismissed the case saying that it was not good enough to restrain releasing Tila’s sex tapes.

No one expected Tequila’s lawyer to claim that the “new” sex tape would invade Tila’s privacy and offend her. Tila couldn’t stop the release of the sex tape because the judge closed the case with the words “Tila exploits her sexuality” and, therefore, one more sex tape wouldn’t change anything.

By the way, we all know that there are many different ways to stop the release of sex tapes, like paying for the right to own this sex tape. Even if it gets released, sometimes celebrities can sue porn companies (don’t forget the famous case of Kim Kardashian and Vivid entertainment) and get paid for sales of videos.